2017 Kazan Film Festival Press-Screenings: Out-Of-Competition Programme

Press Screenings of the 13th edition of Kazan Muslim Film Festival continues in Mir Cinema: Destiny,an out-of-competition programme film, by Zhang Wei, China was screened for media members and bloggers on the 15th of August.

Destiny has already been well welcomed at several international film festivals. The film based on a real life story presents a conflict between an autist boy and Chinese society. Zhang Wei reveals social issues painted in dark shades of hatred, oppression and harassments directed by the society towards the boy. “Everyone may face a hard decision whether to be a part of the exciting social system or to be the one who will change and recreate it”, comments Albina Nafigova, Kazan Muslim Film Festival director of programming.

“The out-of-competition segment of the festival is even larger than its competition programme”, says Albina Nafigova. “Over 70 films has entered the out-of-competition segment divided into sections and programmes. Event though these films has not been selected for competition programme as they do not meet the key concept of the festival or include sensitive content, all of them are absolutely worth of special attention due to their quality”.

As regards the sections and programmes of the out-of-competition segment of the 13th Kazan Muslim Film Festival, it is necessary to highlight Hindustan Across Cultures (Shri Lanka, Nepal and India), After the USSR, Cost of Arts (the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand) and Out of Access (China, Iran, Russia, Ghana, Egypt) programmes. The segment also includes Russia – Islamic World section, the largest section of the 2017 festival, which includes 20 programmes each devoted to the cinematograph of 20 member states of Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group.