The President of Aswan Women International Film Festival: Strong Friendship between our Festivals

The films of Aswan Women International Film Festival (Egypt) were presented in Kazan. The first edition of the festival was held in February 2017 with over 450 participants from 34 countries.

“You can not imagine how we respect your country and how we would like to know more about you. It was important for us to see the variety of Russian arts. You are outstanding. Egyptian art has deep roots, however, conflicts on religious issues are interfering in its development. In Kazan, different religions perfectly interact with each other. We think that the friendship between our festivals will be very strong. We would like to transmit a peace of our culture to you, as you are generously sharing your own culture with us”, said the president of the festival Mohammed Abdel Khalek, during the presentation.

The director of Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, Milyausha Aituganova, announced that Kazan International Film Festival and Aswan Women International Film launch cooperation. In the 13th edition of the festival, three films from Aswan festival will be showcased in Kazan, namely ‘Reda’ by Ramy Gheit, ‘Factory Girl’ by Mohamed Khan and ‘A Day for Women’ by Kamla Abouzekri.

Mohammed Abdel Khalek revealed the history of the establishment of Aswan festival: “The topic has existed in Egypt for a long time and is still current. In 1937, an Egyptian film has first participated in Venice film festival and it was directed by a woman. The festival location was selected according to one criterion: Aswan is a ‘female’ city founded in honour of Ancient Egyptian goddess”.

The film ‘A Day for Women’ has touched the hearts of the majority of Kazan film goers. Its producer, a famous actress, Elham Shahin shared a difficult story of the film: “The film had been prepared for three years. However, due to political issues in 2010, its presentation was postponed. In the end, the film went out only in 2017. Several famous Egyptian actresses tool part in the film. The team of the film were receiving insults from various radical groups. However, we managed to give them a fitting rebuff. There is nothing redundant in the film, every scene is well-thought. I think, such films deserve a right to be shown at festivals”.