Cinema Time Forum: A Disney Project and Post Soviet Countries Film Industries Discussions

The 4th Cinema Time Forum continues it work at Nogay Hotel conference hall. The event is held within the framework of the 13th Kazan Muslim Film Festival.

On the 6 the of September, a representatives of Disney company, Mikhail Fattakhov, delivered a workshop on script writing for the participants of the forum, namely, he introduced ‘Happiness is…’ script writing competition open for everyone. “By the end of the competition, selected 14 people will be invited to Moscow to continue their work under the supervision of professional show runners on a contract paid basis”, announced Mikhail Fattakhov. As a result, 14 scripts will and 7 short films will be produced with funding and facilities provided by Disney company within the framework of the project.

The work of the forum was continued by an open discussion session with the representatives of the film industries of post-Soviet countries: Armenia, Estonia, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.

A workshop by Estonian film director and producer Tatyana Mulbayer concluded this day of the forum: basing on her project ‘Stolen Europe’, she shared some tips on successful pitching. “This forum is a place where we can meet and discuss our current issues, because film industry is global. A Film producer is a professional responsible for the reaction of the film audience, who plan his work ahead envisioning the results that he or she would like to reach”, commented Tatyana Mulbayer.