Magdy Ahmed Ali Meets with Kazan Film Festival Spectators

Magdy Ahmed Ali, the director of ‘Our Preacher’, the opening film of the 13th edition of Kazan Muslim Film Festival, met the film goers of the festival.

“The scriptwriter of the film is Ibrahim Issa, a famous Egyptian TV presenter. He has a collection of short stories, the majority of them are related to politics. It was quite difficult to re-write them into a script. However, I think, that we have managed to create a good film and I would like to further work in this area. My film was not accepted well by the majority of religious figures and is forbidden in many Arab countries”, said Magdy Ahmed Ali.

The film has already participated in international film festivals in Switzerland, Germany and Dubai, acquired popularity in Egypt and received awards in Washington, Tétouan (Morocco) and Lebanon.

“The film was well welcomed in Syria and Iraq. These countries are currently suffering from religious extremism and the issues represented by the film are quite close to them. In Europe, the film is also perceived positively, but in a different way. Probably, people liked to find Islam in a new light”, commented Magdy Ahmed Ali.

He also shared his impressions on an actor, Amir Saad, male lead of the film: “He is quite popular in Egypt, I would say he is a star. His participation in the film was a matter of question and I was delighted when he confirmed his participation. He is absolutely courageous, as the film might have been forbidden or censored, but he was not afraid of possible difficulties”, admitted Magdy Ahmed Ali.

Magdy Ahmed Ali has commenced his career in 1990-s, when he started to assist such famous Egyptian directors as Mohammed Khan and Youssif Shaheen. In 1996, he directed his first film ‘Life My Love’. This work was followed by other film as ‘The Hero”, ‘Girl’s Secrets’, ‘Fawziyah’s Recipe’ and ‘Birds of Paradise’.