Anjelo Chianchy: “I like talking about serious things with a smile”

The most interesting press conference was held on September 9 as a part of VIII Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema.  French scriptwriter and director Angelo Chianchi  came to  meet with reporters. The guest and the participant was joking and smiling, trying to record everything around on his camera. He is planning to come back to our festival and show this film next year.

Angelo Chianchi  works on TV and as a script writer, besides he is a film director. He shot 6 short films and short features which won prizes of Kieslovski, Kodak Trophy awards among young talents, then he was awarded for the best screenplay in Claremont, got the Audience Award in Pantin and a jury prize at the Paris festival.  His first feature film where he was a scriptwriter and director, was noted at more than 50 festivals around the world. His film won the International Critics Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2011.

The plot of «Upper floor, left wing,» participating at VIII Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema contest, based on the story of bailiff, whose name was  Franches. He is just about to fulfill his work on property withholding, but by mistake he becomes a hostage of an amateur drug dealer and his father. Afterwards the local police call a special police squad in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible. At the same time journalists came. And now the heroes plan to step-back at gunpoint of snipers, furious wife, curious crowd  and the reporters awaiting the sensation. The only chance for them to escape is to run away from the 7th floor.

Despite the external humour, the film itself is very serious and dramatic. The director admitted that it is a pun.  Film title can also be translated from French language as “a last chance”. This phrase describes the heroes` situation in the best way.  At first we planned a tragic end. According to the scriptwriting the heroes were to jump out of the window. But in the end we decided to have an open ending.  “I like combining several genres in one film. Maybe it is because I’m half- Italian and half- French.  At least, I like talking about serious things with a smile.  This is a part of Italian cinematography tradition”.