People suggested to get self-knowledge at the festival

One day at the festival, people were suggested to have cinema therapy, due to it, people can start their way to wisdom and spirituality, right during watching the film. “Cinema therapy is one of the ways to see self-inner limits and start to analyze the attitude to the things happening on the screen”, Victor Odintsov says. “It has three moments: 1 – looking at the screen and ask what helps or bothers people to get wiser, 2 – observing “their own” cinema, their own interpretation of the film, 3 – reading images right from the start of the film”.

Cinema therapy was being held during the show of the film “Abu son of Adam” in “Rodina” entertaining centre. According to Victor Odintsov this film is the best illustration of the human spirit. “The first image of the film is a kind of ladder, where the hero sits. It is a symbol of logics, which bothers the hero. When the man thinks he loses his love”.

Victor Odintsov practices medicine, psychology and art. Having graduated medical university in 1980, he worked as a surgeon in Nizhnekamks city. He is a doctor, a PhD in medicine. Since 1999 he deals with the psychology of self-realization, was a teacher in business schools of Moscow and Yekaterinburg. He participated in conference on psychotherapy in Buenos-Aires. Nowadays he organizes anti-stress courses, gives public lectures and concerts. He wrote 3 books on self-realization and 9 music albums.