The best Indian film of 2011 presented at the muslim film festival

“After watching my film people change their lives”, Salim Ahmed, the director of the film says. Еру Muslim film festival shows different films from various countries, non-stop. Most of the films are presented by the filmmakers themselves and the film “Abu son of Adam” is not an exception.On September, 9, the press conference with the Indian filmmaker Salim Ahmed, was held. Also Victor Odintsov participated at the press conference. He held a cinema therapy with the audience after the film finished.

Salim Ahmed  started his career in1998. The film “Abu son of Adam” is his first feature film. It’s the four-time winner of Indian national award “Golden Lotus”, including award for the best film, and it is an Indian candidate for “Oscar”. Indian association of cinematography found the film as the best among 16 films, nominated for the best award.

The film “Abu son of Adam” tells about Abu and Aisumma, the old people from Malabar. All their life they lived according to their religion. They brought up a son, who went away from the country and refused his parents. Now when they are old, they have the only dream to go to Hajj. Abu being a real Muslim, wants to go to Mekka according to the Islam canon. But they couldn’t do that because of lack of money. He sells books and other staff which bring no profit. Abu is surrounded by people who are ready to help them, but Abu refuses all these, because it confronts Islam. Then they sell their cow and cut down their jackfruit tree. When everything is ready to go to Hajj, the owner of sawmill says that their tree was bad, Abu refused to take money for it. And the old men couldn’t go anywhere.

The film tells the audience that sometimes our desire becomes barrier, and getting over this barrier makes the man more spiritual.

As the filmmaker says this film makes a great impression on the audience. “One man was dealing with a bad business, and after watching the film he came up to me and said that from now on he would stop the business and the next year will make Hajj. One more example, someone recognized himself in the character of Abu’s son, who forgot about his parents. This man told that the next year he would send his parents to Hajj”.

Isn’t that an Art, that might change the people’s fate?