Mohsen Barmahani, the director of the film “Karim” : “This film is about fight for justice”

On September 8, there was the press-conference with the director of the movie “Karim”, Mohsen Barmahani.

The personality of Mohsen Barmahani is very creative and versatile. As a teenager Mohsen came to the theatre where he started to direct plays. Soon he got in photography and took the 1st award on the Iranian Youth Photo Contest. Nowadays the director is one of the leaders of documentary movies, and he also goes in top of the most famous people of Iran for the last 100 years.

The director came to the festival for the first time, but he had heard about it earlier. “First time I heard about festival of Muslim cinema 4 years ago. It’s a unique festival and it’s really known in Iran”.

The film told us about Karim, who dreams about a new life in new Tunis. Like lots of young Tunisians who took part in Tunisian revolution, Karim has a hope for a great future of his country.

The Tunisian revolution became the first one in sequence of revolutions in Arabic countries. “Then, people came out to fight for justice” – said the director. “The atmosphere in Tunisia presaged the storm, and I was a witness of it. I was in Tunisia during this period and all journalists tried to take an interview from the people, who were there during the revolution. I didn’t do that, because that revolution happened not because of people liked that, That happened because of people like Karim – citizens of Tunisia.”

Mohsen Barmahani told that he and Karim spent two months together and all you can see in the film displays the character of this man.

We still communicate with each other, but I’ve told that I agree with everything he says in this film, it’s his point of view, and an outlook of the most people of Tunisia.