Lilian Navrozashvili will devote two days to visit native places

Lilian Navrozashvili came to the 8th KIFMC to watch films, to communicate with colleagues and have a walk along the native streets. «We came yesterday night and immediately came out on the street. I visit Kazan every year, it’s my hometown, I grew up here, and graduated from the Kazan School of the Theatre. I love Kazan, and I am glad to see that the Art develops here. Also I am very proud that the festival of Mislim films takes place here. I am very happy that young people have an opportunity to see movies of the directors from the whole world”, – actress said on press-conference.

Lilian Navrozashvili will spend two days in Kazan, and she is going to visit a couple of places which are very important for her. “I will place flowers to my grandfather’s grave, will definitely visit the Theater of Opera and Ballet n.a. Musa Jalil. Today I negotiated with my friends from a dance group to meet somehow, it’s our tradition”.

Lilian treats the Tatar culture with respect and love. During the press-conference Lilian spoke a little bit Tatar, told about Tatar diaspora in Saint-Petersburg, and told about her book collection. “My mother thinks and read in Tatar, unfortunately I think in  Russian, but I read Tatar books. At home we keep all the grandfather’s works, on both languages. I very like lyrics from the “Moabit notebook”.

During the meeting actress told about her new role in the movies. “Being a child I liked images of strong women, and when I had a proposition to take part in “Woldhound”, I was very happy. The preparation to the role was very interesting – I learned how to ride a horse, etc. Recently I played different type of character, a Muslim woman, I spoke Crimean-Tatar language during the film shooting. I expect the output of this film with impatience – it will be shown in October on one of the federal TV channels.

Also actress told about her roles, which are close to her spiritually. “Of course, I want to play different roles, because it helps to gain experience and I can use it during playing on the screen. But you can often see me in action movies. It’s hard to me to play non-action roles, for example I really like Assol, but it was hard for me to play because I didn’t use to be shy. I am very active, when I was a child I used to play with boys. By the way, in Saint-Petersburg this part of my character surprises everyone, because eastern women have to be quiet and submissive, but in real life it’s vice versa.

Also she left her handprint in festival’s museum “Star handprints”. She admitted that such a procedure happens to her the first time.