The «Shock-drama» by Farhot Abdullayev at the Muslim Film Festival

Yesterday at the 8th Kazan International Muslim Films Festival, the first film directed by Farhot Abdullayev «Presumed consent» was shown.

This film is unique because was based on a true story that occurred in the hospital of Serpukhov in the Moscow Region. Farhot Abdullayev said: “This is a criminal drama based on news chronicles»

Tale of the events that occurred in Serpukhov shocked the director. «We were filming another movie at that time, but when we got this stuff, we immediately drafted a scenario that was close to real life,» — says Farhad. » This drama shows lies a picture of life in our society, it is not only about the separation of social categories, but also about the moral categories. This film has several levels of narrative. For some spectators it’s a criminal drama, for some people it is a philosophical parable. Personally, I was shooting a parable about two brothers, Cain and Abel.»

This film was lucky from its very beginning. According to the director, everyone in the Serpukhov, the residents, hospital staff and bandits, knew about the drama that took place and helped the film. The film was made in three weeks. «I and my producer Natalia Ivanova filmed the story with little money, but with high hope for success» — adds the author.

Actors searching was successful, the residents and hospital officials and a little-known actors of the troupe of the Serpukhov theater played in this film.

The documentary genre for the story was not selected randomly. Farhot Abdullayev: «The film was conceived as an experiment. We understood that the subject is very topical and urgent. This is a daily reality. This is not something exclusive, it is routine. Therefore, the task is to shot everything very authentically, so that everything grew, lived in that atmosphere, with those air and personalities who actually existed. We just gave viewers an opportunity to look into the real life.»

The result was stunning, this film has taken part in all film festivals, including the Festival of the «A» in Warsaw, and has collected numerous awards in almost all the categories. We sent it to the festival of «The Moscow Premiere». And we got all the prizes. Now the picture has traveled over the world and won prizes.

Participation at the Festival of Muslim Cinema was logical for the director. The film «Presumption of consent» was awarded at the Orthodox-Christian festival for its contribution to the Orthodox-Christian culture.

The director had a very warm impression on Kazan. «You have a very open and sincere people. I did not expect such a reaction, it was quite exuberant, «- he said.

Concluding the press conference, the director said: «My main character is behind the times, he’s not as talented in reality a doctor, like his antagonist. But he has compassion and «heals the soul,» he is able worry about others.

And while he continues like this hurt and worry for others — in this society there is a God. When all this will stop, then we will be a society «without purpose.» There will be people that meet their own needs, such biological mechanisms. In my opinion, they win, we’re going in that direction. My main character is a leaving nature. The conformism wins nowadays, the presumption of consent means that we are resigned to the fact that life is evil, injustice, conformity, and we agree with that. We stopped to be a society of people. And my film is a farewell song. I shot it to make the movement slower so that everyone understands in what a dangerous direction we are going. «