“Oscar-winning” filmmaker Daniel Lindsay came to Kazan

From September 10, for 3 days, the American documentaries will be shown at the “Mir” cinema house. This show has the label “Show us” and will be the part of the 8th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival. “Oscar-winning” documentary “Undefeated” will start the show. The special guest of the festival and the co-director of the film Daniel Lindsay will present the film. The honourable guest arrived in Kazan today in the morning and right then the journalists started asking questions. Being a specialist in documentary film making he told about the hardships that documentaries face to get to cinema halls’ screenings in the USA.“As in Russia, it is also difficult for the documentaries to get to the cinema halls. Over 200 documentaries might be sent for the film festival and only 30 among all will participate in the competitive program and two or three films will be known and widespread. We can do nothing with that because people prefer watching “New Spider Man” to documentaries”.

The filmmaker knows very little about the festival and he confessed about it. Coming to Kazan is a part of American Consulate Program. “We show our documentaries as the part of the festival, but I’m sure, a lot of films were selected for festival show, and I wish all the participants to have good time here”.

Daniel Lindsay is an American filmmaker, actor, film editor. He was born in 1979 in Rockford, Illinois. He was interested in cinema and video since his childhood, presented school reports in the form of short films. He graduated from Missouri University in 2001 and started shooting his first documentary film “Why us?”. The film is dedicated to the events happened on September 11, 2001. He had some parts as an actor. But soon he devoted his life to documentary features. When shooting the film “Last Cup: The Road to World Series of Beer Pong” he met with T.J.Martin. Together they shot full-length documentary “Undefeated”, and they were awarded “Oscar”.

The film “Undefeated” will start at 7 pm.