Today guests of the Festival will visit Kazan version of Mecca.

On September 10, honorable guests of the 8th Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema went to visit ancient city Bulgar to walk around historical places and to know about this sightseeing of Tatarstan as more as possible. Despite the rain and cold, this trip was called by the guests as “long-awaited event”. 60 people went to Kazan version Mecca including Alexander Orlov and Alla Budnitskaya who arrived in Kazan the day before. Bulgar is one of the capitals of Volga-Kama Bulgaria, later one of the biggest cities of the Gold Horde. The city was founded by Volga region bulgars in the 10th century. In 922, for the first time in the territory of Russia, in Bulgar Islam was adopted voluntarily as an established religion. It happened some decades before Kiev Russia Christianization. In 1431 after the city’s destruction,  the ​​residents abandoned it. And the city was no longer restored.

Nowadays Bulgar is a small mound surrounded by stone chambers, big and small minarets, museum. And all this is situated in the beautiful landscape. In the honor of the anniversary of the Islam’s official adoption in Volga Bulgaria in May, a memorial sign was set there. By its architecture it reminds a mosque, and the biggest printed Quran is put inside. Its weight is 800 kg, size is 1,5-2 metres. This Quran is in Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest print publication of the Muslims’ holy script.

Now in Bulgar archaeological excavations are being conducted. Recently the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited the city.