Karen Shakhnazarov gives consent to head the jury

Karen George Shakhnazarov visited Kazan on the 1st of March. He was invited by “Tatarkino”. Directorate of Kazan international festival of Muslim cinema offered an outstanding filmmaker, producer, scriptwriter, the head of “Mosfilm” cinema studio to head the jury of the 2013 festival held in September from 5th to 11th.

At the press conference he announced that he accepted the offer and later it was confirmed during the meeting with the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R.N.Minnehanov on the 2nd of March.

On the first day of his visit K.Shakhnazarov met the viewers and admirers of his works, also mass media representatives at the “Mir” cinema house. There he presented his new work, a film about the 70s under the title “Love in the USSR”.

During the meeting K.Shakhnazarov made a contribution to the museum of cinematography, which has a lot of display exhibits. Among the displays there are souvenirs, autographs, photos of well-known visitors, film camera of the past and “Star manuscript” of the festival chronicles.

This visit’s mission extended to cooperation between “Mosfilm” and Tatarstan filmmakers. Kazan international festival of Muslim cinema is now proven to be prestigious film festival and is going to extend the programme of parallel screenings and workshops. This season is considered to be more interesting.