Private screenings begin within international Muslim film festival in Kazan

Зимняя спячка 2

(Kazan, 30 July, Tatar-inform, Ruslan Davletshin). The Kazna International Muslim Film Festival will begin in 37 days. Screenings of participant films for reporters, bloggers and Tatarstan culture community representatives began at Mir cinema on Wednesday.

The project is held in the lead-up to the 10th festival and is designed for ‘career viewers’ to hold a comprehensive discussion, as well as to highlight the most outstanding entries. Feature films of various themes and genres are planned to be shown.

With the festival’s final programme to be finalised on 1 August, the 2013 festival winner, Circles by Serbian director Srdan Golubovic that won the Grand Prix in Kazan, became a prize winner within Berlin Film Festival’s Forum programme and at Sundance independent film festival, and was nominated for Oscar 2014, was shown today.

The film revolves around the disintegration of Yugoslavia, its storyline being set in 1993 and 2005 during and after the war in the cities of Tribina (present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina), Belgrade (Serbia) and Hall (Germany).

The story is based on true events and, as many other films, is a dramatic account of the tragedy of European nations suffered in the late 20th century.

The number of subsequent film shows and the schedule are to be announced later.