Boris Scherbakov: “Opening the Kazan Film Festival is an honour for me”


The People’s Artist of Russia has arrived in Kazan to host the festival opening ceremony.

(Kazan, 5 September, Tatar-inform, Lucia Kamalova). “Opening the Kazan Film Festival is an honour for me,” People’s Artist of Russia Boris Scherbakov told a news conference in Kazan earlier in the day.

The 10th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival is to open tonight at Piramida centre. Boris Scherbakov will host the ceremony.

In an interview with reporters he said he approved of that both Muslim and Orthodox Christian festivals existed in Russia.

“Unfortunately, I did not hear about your festival earlier and was surprised to find out it had turned ten years old. But it is the first step that counts, as they say, and everything comes true sooner or later,” said the actor in answer to a question by Tatar-inform.

In the conclusion of the meeting, Boris Scherbakov expressed confidence that the national filmmaking industry would rise to match the standard of the famous Soviet-time films and would win the most prestigious global awards.