Mazin Mahdi Sherabayani: “The Kazan Festival needs to become a bridge between the West and the East”


(Kazan, 8 September, Tatar-inform). The Kazan International Muslim Film Festival needs to become a bridge linking the cultures of the West and the East, director of documentary The Border Mazin Mahdi Sherabayani (Kurdistan, Iraq) said on Monday.

Along with other documentary directors, Nastia Tarasova and Natalia Guguyeva, Mazin Mahdi Sherabayani answered questions from reporters at a news conference at Rodina cinema held within the festival.

In his film The Border, Mazin Mahdi Sherbayani shows two outstanding Kurdish film directors desperately trying to raise money for their film. “My goal was to show how war destroys the best things created by people, including film studios. My main objective was to show why film directors in Kurdistan cannot make films and why they have no market for their pictures,” he shared. Mazin Sheravayani called the Kazan Festival incredible and said he would love to come back to Kazan.

“I have had a nice impression of your festival. I got to it in the last minute. I hope the Kazan Film Festival will become a bridge between the West and the East. There are a lot of wars in the world. I would like your festival to take place in other countries as well, so that it becomes a bridge connecting various cultures,” he said.

Director Natalia Guguyeva presented a film about a globally famous film director called Who Is This Kusturica?. Filming Kusturica had not been easy, she shared.

“He is a complex man with an attitude to time and space. You cannot agree a definite shooting time in advance with him. The crew would come to him at 6 am but he would only appear at 12 pm,” she said. Guguyeava first thought Kusturica was irresponsible but later decided he was just reluctant to be confined to a timeframe, to make his life unpredictable.

Speaking of Kazan Festival, Natalia Guguyeva noted she had heard it focused on the themes of peace and mercy.

Director Anastasia Tarasova presented her film Linar telling about a young boy who will live if a new heart is found for him. She told reporters the main hero was well, lived with his mum, sister and brother in Ufa, and studied well in an ordinary school. “He has a great thirst for living and knowledge,” she noted. Speaking of the festival, Anastasia Tarasova said its focus was on dialogue between cultures.