Actress Fatima Altai: “The audience of Kazan Film Festival is surprisingly responsible — viewers not only watch movies, but also participate in the discussion of films”

On September the 8th in the press center of the XII Kazan Film Festival a meeting with directors of full-length feature films – the participants of the competition program was held. The director Tunku Mona Riza and producer Haris Sulong who introduced the film «Humility» (Malaysia), and actress Fatima Altai, who played a major role in the film «Going to Heaven» (UAE) attended the press event .

The film «Redha» is devoted to the problem of autist children. The producer Haris Sulong admitted that for making a film they had to lend money and they will have to pay the loan for four years. «Unfortunately, our film is not in wide release, but we try to show it at different festivals, in order to let people learn about autism more», — Haris Sulong said.

The film «Going to heaven,» as actress Fatima Altana said, also participates in festivals — it has already been shown in Singapore, the US, Britain, Portugal, Jordan and others. «The theme of childhood is relevant to any nationality or religion, so the film was accepted and understood in all countries where we have shown it», — Fatima Altana says.

When Fatima Altai was asked about her impressions of Kazan she responded the following: «The director of our film Saiid Salmiin have participated in this festival a couple of years ago. It was he who told me that I must visit visit it, that it differs from other cicties. “The audience is surprisingly responsible — viewers not only watch movies, but also participate in the discussion of films”. The viewers are of different ages and social classes and they consider themselves to be a part of the watched film and take an active part in all events related to it. »

The director Tunku Mona Reese to supported her colleague. «In Kazan, after the film was shown , we were invited to a special center named «April «, which specializes in the problems of autist children education. The discussion was also arranged” – she said.

Fatima Altai also admitted to the reporters that every day she shares her impressions of the city with her mother, sends her pictures and letters in which she tells about the culture and amazing historical buildings. «Here is everything — food, water — posses some grace of Allah, and I suppose that this grace is the key to the people life, who has been living here for a long time,» — said Altai.