«Kazan – an excellent city for the Festival of Muslim Cinema» : Mehdi Ganji

Documentary filmmaker, whose works are presented in the competition program of the XII KIFMC were introduced to media on September the 8th. Mehdi Ganji («I want to be a king»)About his films told, Galina and Anna Yevtushenko («Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi ‘) and Mourad Ibrahimbeyov (» My Dagestan. Confession «) told a few words about their films.

The film makers of the»Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi. A double portrait in the interior of the epoch «took as the basis of the plot a correspondence between two great persons. » Mahatma Gandhi devoted all his life to reconciliation of Hindu and Muslims and was against the war. The idea of non-violence — one of the main topic of the correspondence between Leo Tolstoy and Gandhi «, — the director Galina Yevtushenko said.

«My Dagestan. Confession” a film by Murad Ibragimbekov is dedicated to the poet and philosopher Rasul Gamzatov and his homeland — Dagestan.

Iranian film director Mehdi Ganji told that in the search for the gist of the film, «I want to be a king,» he got acquainted with a lot of stories. “My film is about a man who lives in Iranian remote place. His name is Abbas and he is engaged in echo-tourism. Abbat wants to make his own tribe and become a khan. Throughout three years Abbas shared his dreams, his world with a camera crew… The dramatic effect is that to achieve the dream Abbas has to expostulate his kin, family and even himself, he is in constant conflict «, — the director noted.

The participants of the meeting shared their impressions of the festival and Kazan. «As Muslim Cinema is being demonstrated at the festival, it has a very good location. Kazan is beautiful and fascinating cuty.

I have traveled around many countries and attended many festivals, but in Kazan there is one building, which I have never seen anywhere else — the Temple of all religions. Looking at him I was deep in thought, and was amazed. “I consider it to be an excellent idea” – Mehdi Gangi said. «And I’m happy to be in Kazan on the eve of the glorious date — the anniversary of the birth of Leo Tolstoy — continued Galina Yevtushenko. – As it is known, a great writer studied in Kazan University and famed it. An interesting episode from Tolstoy’s life is shown in our film, — he suddenly fell ill and spent some time in Kazan hospital. There he got acquainted with a Buddhist priest, who was first to introduce the idea of non-violence to Tolstoy. »

«For 12 years of existence, the Kazan Film Festival is well and seriously accepted by the «, — said Murad Ibrahimbekov.

At the end of the press conference to the surprise of the present press, the film directors, turned to discussion of his colleagues works.

Galina Yevtushenko spoke very flattering about works of present authors and Mehdi Ganji found similar ideas about «dream» in the film about Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi. The film directors went on with their dialogues even after the conference.