Yury Bykov: «Cinema, which we accept as art, escaped from the wide-screen»

The second day of the forum «Cinema time» was opened by a meet-the-artist event with a representative of independent films, a jury member of the competition program «Young Russia» Yury Bykov.

After greeting the guests, Bykov immediately suggested to arrange a meeting in a dialogue form: «I do not really like the word “master class”, because it presupposes a more serious approach, a ready background. I want to have a talk so that to be as useful as possible for you».

The film director started the meeting with a question about the role of cinema as a separate kind of art in a human`s life. Bykov replied that nowadays cinematography exists today only formally: «Cinema, which we accept as art, escaped from the wide screen. There are some reasons for it. Therefore, such a term as limited release came into life, but you cannot make money with this kind of cinema. »

According to the guest` s words, trip to the cinema turned into a ritual. Many people prefer watching films at home from the computer screen, rather than at the cinema. «What’s the difference between watching at home and from the big screen? You know, you will never feel the smell of magic at house. Watching films alone is not the same as watching at the cinema. Anyway cinema joins people together emotionally «, said Bykov.

«Any cinema primarily- is a product — Yury Bykov replied. Shooting a film was expensive before, but now you can make it even by the phone. Today logistics and progress allow you to make a cheap film. You are asking me where to get money, I am answering you — nowhere. Write it cheaply and not angrily. Use human communication — respect, culture — and modern technology. »

When being asked about the film payback Yuri Bykov answered: «The Americans have internal market and this is their specific feature. A film with a famous star will be shown almost in all countries of the world, and the film will be paid off 100 percent. We do not have such an opportunity. Therefore, the process of creating a mature film often becomes not interesting for the author himself – because of the absence of payback and profit from its sale. All this creates a strong demand for video games and so on. This way the mental component of our society is being affected. We do not ask for anything serious, we want a shallow film, demanding less effort for contemplation. A thinking person prefers sitting at home thinking in front of the monitor, and trip to the cinema has become a kind of attraction and fun. »

The audience reacted with the question: Why do they create noncommercial film, if it is of no great interest to the viewers?

«The question is not why to make a film, but about — why to live? Why to believe in God, if there is no need for this? Just a small number of people have true spiritual needs, and this cinema is meant for them. Personally, I do not understand why to shoot commercial films. Money brings happiness not for everyone, while greed has the only way of development — a dead end, «- said the director.

Reflecting on his own work, Yury Bykov said, that he aimed at creating something more than just another industry product. «I’m afraid to make films where there is no hope, no light in the darkness. Before, I wanted to tell the audience that everything would be bad. And now I outgrew it and am willing to make brighter pictures. I am trying to see something worthy to live for. It is important for me to inspire the viewer and not to scare «- shared the director.