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The participants and the guests of Kazan film festival share their impressions of the capital of Tatarstan and the forum of Muslim cinema.

Alexander Proshkin, the film director and chairman of the jury of the XII KIFMC: «At Kazan festival today perhaps the most interesting in the world — Muslim cinema is in presented, which is in the focus of major international forums. Today more than ever it is important to establish a sincere dialogue between different nations and to understand the deep layers of cultures of each other. In this sense, the Kazan International Muslim Film Festival is a unique phenomenon and is very important, both in terms of the development of cinema and human relations, especially in our multi-religious country«.
Renat Ibragimov, singer: «For me, a film festival in Kazan is a great holiday. It seems to me that Muslim cinema is the quality and great responsibility in front of their audience. »
Yuri Nazarov, an actor, Lyudmila Maltseva, an actress: «We are very pleased to visit this wonderful land, and have already fell in love with the people and the history of Kazan. I would like to mention the wonderful hospitality and attention, and an amazing kitchen. We are very pleased to be part of this event. »
Konstantin Lopushansky, the director :»International Festival of Muslim Cinema has its own flavor, takes special place. Muslim cinema — is a very interesting part of culture, and it is important for the artist to discover the terra incognita. At the opening ceremony of the festival in Kazan, when they showed fragments of films, I watched without stopping. For example, there is a scene from the Syrian movie, and I see a totally different life, a different way of creating images — very interesting! Why Muslim films are so popular in all the world? It opens the new content, the atmosphere gives the exotics in a good way «
Ildar Yagafarov, director: «For me, as the chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of Tatarstan it is important to have a worthy movie. This festival plays an important role for us. We meet with our colleagues from Moscow, from other countries, share experience, thoughts, tasks«.
The film directors from different countries, the participants of the competition programme
Pascal Berson Leklyuayer: «I am very pleased to be here. It is my first time in Russia, Kazan is an amazing city. I really liked the way I was treated to here and people very kind to me. »

Hauraz Mohammed: «It is a great festival. High level. I like Russia, the people are hospitable, good very the culture is interesting. »

Shamil Gumerov: «This is a first festival for me. Good organization. Keep it up!»

ALexey Barykin, the film director: «I attend many festivals and I can definitely say that our Kazan Muslim film festival is known in other cities and the reputation of the forum is very serious. According to my own experience, I can say that it really is very well organized. The main advantage — is, of course, a strong program. I think that an increase in the program is connected with the participation of Sergei Lavrentiev as the head of the selection committee. What we probably lack of is premiere: if more premieres were brought to Kazan Muslim Film Festival, it would have been on the level of Cannes, «- Alexey Barykin said.

Fatima Altai, an actress: “The audience is surprisingly responsible — viewers not only watch movies, but also participate in the discussion of films”. The viewers are of different ages and social classes and they consider themselves to be a part of the watched film and take an active part in all events related to it. »

Mehdi Gangi, a film director: «As Muslim Cinema is being demonstrated at the festival, it has a very good location. Kazan is beautiful and fascinating city. I have traveled around many countries and attended many festivals, but in Kazan there is one building, which I have never seen anywhere else — the Temple of all religions. Looking at it I was deep in thought, and was amazed. “I consider it to be an excellent idea”.

Boris Klyuyev, an actor: «We all know how hard it is to hold festivals in terms of finance and organization. We must pay tribute to the festival life and, apparently, it will be developed further. There are no cultural boundaries, we have a deep respect for what is happening in the world. r The religionIt does not matter, there are universal values, such as love, loyalty, honesty. They are the same for all religions. I will try to see as many films as I can. »

Kshishtof Zanussi, film director: » Tatarstan and Muslim cinema are interesting for me, and as the art of manifestation in moral area, more deeper view of life, where there is a mystery are close to me

Vladimir Menshov, film director: «I wish that this festival to open new movies, new actors. I would like to wish these discoveries occurre as often as possible. For each festival to be memorable by an introduction of a genious film.»

Vera Glagoleva, an film director, actress: «Several years ago, my film» One War » won the Grand Pri at the Kazan Film Festival. Festival in Kazan was the first international festival, where we have been recognized. After that we had many festivals, but the very first success can not be forgotten «. According to Vera Glagoleva’s words, humanistic orientation of the Kazan Film Festival gives it a flavor that distinguishes it from other film forums.

Alla Surikova, film director: «Kazan Film Festival is very powerful, good. Its program is surprisingly varied and is full of interesting meetings. The festival has its own face, its direction — it is very important, especially today. There is so much aggression in a world of, a part of it is based on religious ground. That is why it is very important for the Muslim Film Festival to show to o people the light, the love, warmth and kindness«.

Yegor Konchalovskiy, film director, an actor: «I have a special view on your festival. Such festival, like Kazan Muslim Film Festival, is very important for Russia and the world, because it is fully relevant to its slogan: through the dialogue of culture to the culture of dialogue. The fact that the festival is gaining power, is proved by the number of films and the participating countries«.

Boris Shcherbakov, an actor: «I was surprised to be invited to take part in the opening ceremony of the Kazan Muslim Film Festival. But having learnt the program, I decided that it was a great honor for me».

Natalia Arinbasarova, an actress: «Kazan is a city of great beauty! So cozy, warm. It looks like tidy house. And surprisingly people are so nice to each other. My hotel window (I stopped at the «Chaliapin») shows the view of the golden dome of the temple. And once I heard the muezzin calls to prayer, then the bell rang, they were joined by a squeeze — with lyrical melody, which later grew into Tatar melody … I had a strange feeling of perfect harmony. I thought that one you can live so! Accordeon singing and the bells ringing, and the muezzin criing out for prayer, and the voices of children to be heard. For me, your city is a place of tolerance and love, the friendly relationships between people of different beliefs. I consuder this to be the uniqueness of Kazan. Therefore, I wish prosperity to your town, so that it become more beautiful«.

Khodjakuli Narliev, film director and chairman of the jury the X KIFMC: «Let me express my thanks to all for the arranging the festival, from the highest authorities to the smallest cell, cause I have not seen anywhere else such one , and I have been on different festivals. We did not have any issues and problems during the work, and if they occuredr, they were solved immediately. The second thing I want to note, is the high level of the works selected for the competitive program. I think this is due to the authority of the festival in the world. More than 500 applications from 56 countries were submitted, andthe selection committee chose the most worthy. So we found ourselves in a loss, because all the films we have seen were remarkable«.

Natalia Gugueva, film director and chief director of the Documentary of the First Channel program: «Problems that are put at the forefront in the selection of films at Kazan Festival that are tradition of peace, mercy, love and faith in human, sacrifice — all of this is more significant of external espression of Muslim people life, the confirmation of which I have found here, and it makes me think deeper over these films«.

Mazin Mahdi Sherabayani, film director (Iraq):
«Today, when there are constant wars in the world, I wish there were more such festivals, which take place under the auspices of the dialogue of cultures in the world. I really appreciate the Kazan Film Festival , I enlarge my professional experience here and hope to present my new works in Kazan”.

Oktay Mir Kasim, film director (Azerbaijan): «I am impressed by the words of the President of the festival that the concept of the Kazan Film Forum is gradually modified, and to the festival are invited not only Muslim filmmakers, but also all those who work in line corresponding to the ideals of Islam, and the ideals of Islam are similar to the ideals of all the sciences and spiritual direction. At different corners of the world the film makers shoot films on similar themes. The festivals like Kazan film festival are needed for this, are not they?«