Peter Buslov: “I will come to Kazan again”

By Peter Buslov’visits the fourth day of the II Educational Forum «movie time” was completed. The participants talked to the director after watching his film «Motherland» (2015).

Having welcomed the guests, Buslov told about the process of making a film. In the story, the characters of the film — the young people from Russia – get to India. «Different destinies. Different people. But all have one homeland. It is not that easy to love when it is near «- that is the description of the main intrigue of the film on the official site.

Buslov brought to India the Russian crew of 30 people in Bombay they were joined by 120 more. «The budget is not small, the film is made as those like Hollywood ones with a great number of objects and diverse shooting. I was looking for locations myself, «- said the guest.

The theme of love for the motherland has become a major topic that was discussed after the viewers have watched it. «This is a problem that exists and not spoken about. An incredible number of young people want to leave our country, do not want to return to their homeland. One call them in different ways — rogue, traitors. The film describes this matter «, — said Peter Buslov.

The director said that he does not always work strictly according to the scenario there is improvisation in his works. According to Peter’s view, the film is being born three times: when written, when is shooted and watched. Buslov told to the forum participants about the way he worked on the script for «Homeland.»

Having been asked whether the makers were worried t about the audience acceptance of the film, Peter Buslov said: «The film — is always an experiment, everyone understands it in his own way. I believe that the audience we experienced and clever. He should not just sit with a bucket of popcorn and laugh at the jokes. »

At the end of the meeting Buslov shared his impressions of Kazan: «I liked the city is very much, I will be happy to come here again. If I have a possibility, I will bring a film. Cinema «Mir» – is very cool, here is a good atmosphere. «