Films of Tatarstan film directors are shown in the Kazan Kremlin

On September, 7 screenings of Tatarstan film directors are shown within the non-competition program»Ours (Made in Tatarstan)» of the XII International Festival of Muslim Cinema in the lecture hall of the centre «Hermitage-Kazan» in the Kremlin.

Viewers watched the films «Ours» by Rishat Nafikov, «Brothers» by Renat Karimov-Saiga, «Honored Oil Worker» by Renata Kazakova, «Living Water» by Aydar Gabdrakhmanov, «Radik Salimov» by VladaVasilieva, «How to call the devil at home» by Timur Sadykov.

Format of demonstration is a dialogue with audience. All directors were present in the hall, after the film everyone had a chance to ask them questions. Many of the pictures ended with heated discussions regarding the content and the idea of the film, as well as the technical side. Despite the relatively short duration (from12 up to 52 minutes) each film gave food for thought.

On September, 8 films about the artwork and life of prominent Tatar poets Musa Jalil and Gabdulla Tukay will be in the program of «Hermitage-Kazan» («My Musa» and «Tukaevskaya Panorama» programs).

On September, 9 the presentation of the book by Elena Alekseeva «Tatarstan. Cinematography from century to century» is expected and the screening of the films «Everburning fire» by Abdurahman Absalyamov and «The film is about the film.White flowers» have to be on.

Besides during the festival days there will be meetings with the Russian cinema stars, such as Alexey Uchitel, Yury Nazarov and Lyudmila Maltseva, LudmilaChursina, Anna Kamenkova in the Kazan Kremlin.