Yuri Nazarov and Lyudmila Maltseva: «We discovered the Muslim film festival — this huge planet, a bright and multi-faceted»

On September the 8th, during the XII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival in the centre»Hermitage-Kazan» the creative meeting with famous actors, guests of the forum — the People’s Artist of Russia Yuri Nazarov and Honored Artist of Russia Lyudmila Maltseva was arranged.

In the beginning of the evethe audience were shown some excerpts from Russian films («Little Vera», «Next», «Andrei Rublev» and others), in which Yuri Nazarov and Lyudmila Maltseva starred.

Ludmila Vasilyevna greeted the guests with tatar phrase “Haerle kich”! I am happy to see you at our meeting in such a rainy day. And I am very glad that we discovered the Festival of Muslim Cinema, this huge planet, a bright and multi-faceted. We’ve only been here for 3 days and have seen such an incredible crossing of cultures, it is amazing! Yesterday we visited the monument of Tukai. It is really wonderful! I’m ready to applaud standing in front such masterpieces! I was pleased to see the rich cultural life in our bustling time.

Artists strated the eve with a song named «There is only a moment between past and future» from the film «Sannikov Land».

The same song was performed two days before at the Opening Ceremony of XII KIFMC — it turned out to be a traditional song with which Nazarov and Maltsev start all their performances.

The first part of the eve was devoted to the Second World War.

The poems by Dmitry Kedrin, Sergei Mikhalkov, Nikolai Rachkov were heard. With great enthusiasm artists performed a song dedicated to a tankman, the hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Lyubushkin.

A rare military song «And not once, not twice” (the lyrics by Gregory Gridov) by Boris Fomin was also included in the program which was discovered by Lyudmila Maltseva in the archive of a library in Ulyanovsk.

During Great Patriotic War this song accompanied the first trains from Belorussky Station .

The first part of the meeting was finished with a song from the film «Hot Snow» in which Yuri Maltsev played the main part of Staff Sergeant Ukhanov.

The film is of military theme but the song was written before the war as Lyudmila Maltseva has introduced to the students the song «In the park Chair roses dismiss «.

In the second — lyrical part of the meeting, as it was marked by the artists, the poems by Nikolai Nekrasov, Marina Tsvetaeva, songs about love, friendship and eternal values were heard

Yuri Vladimirovich joked and freely communicated with the audience.