Murad Ibragimbekov: «The world spoils a man that is not what should be»

XII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival every year expands its boundaries. One of the innovations of the festival this year was that number of screening sites was enlarged. Thus, the third day of the Film Forum was finished with out of competition program «A man. In the world of people», which was held in the First Chamber Theatre of Kazan «Theatre. Act.»

The program of short-length films that was submitted to the viewers included the pictures from Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, the Netherlands and Russia. The guest of honor of the event was famous Azerbaijani film director Murad Ibragimbekov. His film «A Man» was shown the first in the competition program.

The work includes 3 short novels — «Oil», «Civilization» and «A man.» The authors confided that he spent about 12 years for their preparation. «I was working over this project in parallel with the others. This does not mean that it is less important. Much time was spent on the search for material from different archives «, -explained Ibragimbekov.

There are no words in the film «A Man» — just music and various noises. By using only visuals, the talented and unique author showed how a person achieves progress, and then he destroys the world with his own hands. The first oil production unit and its first large-scale leak, the first plane and the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001 ..

To the question «Can a person be different, not so cruel?,» the director replied shortly: «I hope so. It is the world that spoils the human being, that should not be that way.»

The director expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the festival, for such a specific event in the atmospheric hall «Theatre. Act» in particular. Murad Ibragimbekov admitted that he appreciates such appealing meetings in festivals.