Film director Siddiq Barmak: » A lot of good films get into Kazan festival «

The famous film director Siddiq Barmak, a member of the jury of the XII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, presented some of his works at the forum within out of competition program «Retrospectives». The film «Osama» was shown on September 9 at the «Rodina» cinema house.

This is the story of a girl who after her father’s death dressed up like a boy in order to save the family from starvation and find job. When the deception is revealed, the court decided to marry her to amullah. This penetrating film tells about suffering, fear and despair of women in Afghanistan through the fate of the young heroine, and her eyes almost always full of tears «talk» about the most important to the audience.

«I have been looking for the female lead, and found her on the street, — said the director at a meeting with the audience in Kazan. I turned to the girl’s voice, begging for something and saw her eyes, that witnessed thousands of tragic stories. Her personal story is similar to the fate of my character. Although this girl did not change into a boy, but she also lived in constant fear, hiding from the Talibans. When she was reciting the dialogues, she perfectly felt and understood them: those words were coming from her heart.

The picture «Osama» was shot immediately after the overturn of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in 2002-2003. The film is based on real events. The girl, who became the prototype of the main character, stayed to live in the house of mullah, which turned into a real prison for her.

«At first I thought of another scenario final: the character managed to escape and go under the rainbow — it has become a symbol of liberty. But when I mounted the scenes, I realized that this was a lie. Then I cut out the happy ending, and the film ended with shots where the girl jumped over the rope in prison. This is because, in my opinion, nothing has changed. People are still living under the influence of totalitarian ideologies like fascism. Recently in Kabul, girl protested against one mullah. He called the people and publicly called her a pagan. The girl was killed and burned in the city centre. It happened on March 18, 2015, «- said Siddiq Barmak.

The director communicated with the audience without an interpreter, he is a graduate of VGIK and he speaks Russian for 29 years. Currently Siddiq Barmak and his family live in France because of threats in his address, he had to emigrate.

The main character, who played Osama lives, in France, lives and the audience happily came to know that Marina Golbahari became an actress, she is now very well-known and lives in Paris, last year she got married.

Guests of the show thanked Siddiq Barmak not only for incredibly strong film, but also for personal director`s courage who dared to tell the truth about the life of his people.

And Siddiq Barmak himself expressed gratitude to the organizers of Kazan Muslim Film Festival: «Here is very good atmosphere. The most important is that the members of the selection committee generously consider all applications. I heard that one of the Iranian filmmakers advised you to be more meaningful about Islamic cinema. I think the most important is exactly that the organizers have the wide look at the cinema of the Muslim world countries and do not limit it to religious or ideological framework. And due to this broad coverage so many good films are accepted to the festival. «