Film director Seyed Sajad Moossavi: «It is important for me to be present at the Kazan Film Festival and to show my film here»

September,7 a press conference with the participants of the XII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival in the «Short-length feature film» nomination was held.

Film Director Seyed Sajad Moossavi told that he participated in the Kazan Film Festival for the second time. This year his film «The Salt Man» (2015) is in competition program, based on the traditions of the remains of people aged 2500 years. These remains were actually found by archaeologists in the salt mines. Picture timing is less than 20 minutes but it has already received more than 30 awards in various festivals.

«For me it is very important to be here, among my friends, it is important to show my work to the Kazan audience. I am pleased to join the motto of the festival «Through the dialogue of cultures to culture of the dialogue.» «The Salt Man» is a humanistic film. The main purpose of the film as well as the aim of Islam is to spread love, brotherhood, friendship among nations, as was appointed to us by the Prophet Mohammed, «- said Seyed Sajad Moossavi. As it turned out, the director loves painting, so the main character of his film was the salt in combination with bright colors and beautiful scenery.

In the center of the picture by Muhiddin Zhuraev «Piala» (2015) — Tajik family life, which, contrary to the established tradition, is headed by a woman.

«Previously, in Tajikistan there was only one studio, founded in 1929. In 2015, young filmmakers opened the second studio, which would meet the requirements of the time. I am the director and founder of this studio, and this is the first international festival in which our team is involved, — told the director.I am extremely happy about that. I really like Kazan and the atmosphere of the festival. For us, the young filmmakers, it is very important to take part in such events, the opinion of audience, film critics and festival participants are important for us. And, of course, we are very interested to justify the trust of our state. The film «Piala», which is in the competition program of the festival — the debut of our studio. So we brought a gift to the organizers- that very cup that was shown in the film. «

The director of the Iraqi Hawraz Mohammed, together with the release manager Awat Osman Ali told the reporters about the film «Land of the lost.»

«In 2014, I was not able to attend in person the festival in Kazan, I could come this year, and I am very pleased” said Hawraz Mohammed. — The film » Land of the lost» was created in 2016 in northern Iraq, in Kurdistan. The film tells the story of a man who lost his family 25 years ago and came to the border between Iran and Turkey to find a trace of their relatives. Many people do the same thing in the search for the loved ones. Kazan is a multicultural city, that`s why I’m happy to show my picture here.»