The Iranian film “Immortal” won the main prize of the XII KIFMC

XII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival ended with a gala ceremony of awarding. It was held on the 11th of September at Tatar Academic Opera and Ballet named after M.Dzhalil.

Among special guests were the Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Vasil Shaykhraziev, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Airat Sibagatullin, chairman of the jury Alexander Proshkin and the head of the selection committee, Sergei Lavrentiev, directors Alexei Petrenko, Alexei Uchitel, Siddiq Barmak, actors Anna Kamenkova, Lyudmila Chursina Elena Liadov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov and others.

The emcee of the ceremony were the Honored Artist of Russia Nonna Grishaeva and honored artist of Tatarstan Ruzil Gatin.

Nona Grishaeva told the following: «I admit that on my way to Kazan I was excited, because Kazan is a city of my ancestors: my great-grandfather Gordey Semyonovich Sablukov was known Russian orientalist, Professor of Kazan Theological Academy, Islamic scholar, was the first translator of the Koran, and later the king granted him the surname Kazanskiy» .

The first to welcome the guests on the stage rose Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Vasil Shaykhraziev. On behalf of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and on his own behalf, he welcomed the participants and the guests of the International Muslim Film Festival.

«These days Kazan became a center of attraction for both professionals and amateurs of cinema. Having seen Muslim cinema, we could remember our history, see our modern life and look to the future. Due to the festival, we all get some experience, and for our filmmakers it is the opportunity to communicate and get an access to the professional area outside the Russian Federation «, Vasil Shaykhraziev noted.

The concert ceremony program was started with enchanting performance of the orchestra «New Music» under the direction of Anna Gulishambarovoy: the musicians could be seen not only on stage but also in the hall, a solo guitar sounded out of the box, instrumentalists group echoed each other across the hall, passing each other the baton of performance.

The first awarding of a special prize of the President of Tatarstan was «For humanism in cinematograhy» for the film «Redha» (Malaysia).

The film director Tunku Mona Riza with a noticeable excitement thanked the jury for such a high evaluation of her work.

Special prize of the Cinematographers Union of the Republic of Tatarstan «For contribution to the development of cinematography of the Republic of Tatarstan» was handed to Robert Koposov by the chairman of the Union, the director Ildar Yagafarov.

The head of the selection committee, Sergei Lavrentyev, film critics Sergei Anashkin and Natalia Bobrova came on stage to announce the names of the owners of prize of Russian Film Critics Guild of.

«Each life is a risky search. The artist’s search is more interesting and responsible «- quoted of one of the nominated films hero Natalia Bobrova.

The Diplomas of Guild were given to «Madman’s Conspiracy» (Russia-Spain), directed by Algis Arlauskas and the film «Jasmine» (Syria). The director of the latter Almohannad Kalthoum thanked the Jury guild, the jury, the participants and the audience for speaking on the same language – language of cinema during the festival. Even before the awarding ceremony, passing through the star track of the festival, the director said that the reaction of the audience at his film has already become a real reward for him, and he hopes to become a participant of the Kazan Muslim Film Festival once again.

By the prize of the Russian Guild of Film Critics «White Elephant» was marked the film «Redha» (Malaysia). “The hero of this film, the autist boy, teaches a lesson of compassion, patience and tenderness to the grown-ups – noted Nataliya Bobrova.

The number of special prizes and was expanded by the award of the Mayor of Kazan. The head of the Culture Department of the Executive Committee of Kazan Azat Abzalov announced its owner the film «Marjani Mosque. The history of expressed traditions” by Renat Habibulin.

The Executive Director of the XII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, the producer, honored arts worker of the Republic of Tatarstan Milyausha Aytuganova thanked the jury from the stage with the following words: «On behalf of the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan and the directorate of the festival kotow to Alexander Proshkin and his team. And the prize which I was entrusted to hand in is called “Special Jury Mention”. By this prize the documentary film “My Dagestan. Confession” is marked. The director is Murad Ibrahimbekov.

The decoration of the ceremony was the demonstration of designer Zarrina Babajanova’s collection of suits: exquisite Muslim dresses fascinated by their grace and the beauty of silhouettes, and flowing fabrics. As a musical accompaniment was the performance of the rock band «Alma».

A film director from Tatarstan Alexey Barykin noted rather powerful programme of the short documentary films presented in this year’s festival.

The Confirmation of the high level of competing works was the decision of the jury to award the prize to two films: «Ata Beyit» (Kyrgyzstan), directed by Alijan Nasirov and «Z.K» (Tatarstan) Ruslan Valeev.

Iranian film director, the author of the film «I want to be a king,» the winner in the nomination «The best feature-length documentary,» Mehdi Ganji in his response, thanked the jury and respect to all the citizens of Tatarstan with follwing words: «You live in a land where several religions coexist for centuries, and It shows a perfect example to the whole world. »

The winner in the nomination “The best animation film” was the animation film “Dolesu” by Alena Rebezova.

This year for the first time was given a prize in the nomination “Russia young”. The member of the jury, screenwriter, actor Yuri Bykov admitted that when there are a lot of prizes in a list of achievements they are usually forgotten quickly. «The main prize in any director’s life is the first, one because the person should be noticed and be given a start in life.

The jury’s decision — is justan attempt to be objective, but not the ultimate truth. In the nomination » Russia Young » the films «Mother» (directed by Kirill Pletnev) and «Personal Case» (directed by Andrey Noskov) were awarded.

Among the guests of the closing ceremony of the festival were the legends of Russian cinema. Honored Artist of the Russian Soviet Union Anna Kamenkova read touching poems.

National Artist of the USSR Lyudmila Chursina thanked from the stage for hospitality, generosity and attention: «From our festive Moscow to your beautiful Kazan — a bow to the earth!» Toghter with member of the jury, the cameraman Valery Sevastyanov she handed the prize in the nomination for the «Best cameraman» for the film » Immortal «(Iran), the cameraman — Ruzbeh Raiga.

Following the Fedor Tiutchev’s lines, read by Liudmila Chursina, from the stage sounded Pushkin’s “Prophet” performed by National artist of the RSFSR Alexey Petrenko. On the eve of the great Muslim holiday “Kourban-bayram” the honored guest of the ceremony wished everyone peaceful life, grace, health and well-being.

Alexey Petrenko announced the winner in the nomination “The best actress in full-length feature film”. For the role in the film “Norzhmaa” (China) the prize was given to the actress Badema. An actress, being a composer and singer not only got the prize but also performed an amazing song for the guests. The winner in the same male nomination was announced by the «Golden Eagle», «Nika»and «Taffy» awardee, Elena Lyadova and Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Vdovichenkov. The jury recognized the best ensemble cast of the film «Redha» (Harits Hazig, Izzy Reef Namron).

The prize for the best feature film screenplay was given to the screenwriter of the film «Nobody’s Child» (Serbia) Vuk Rshumovich.

«The most hard-won » for the winner the jury member Yusup Razykov named the prize in the nomination for «Best full-length feature film direction «, because in the jury committee of seven people six of them are directors. Their opinions coincided and they marked the film «Dyesegoy Numen» directed by Sergey Potapov (Russia).

Before the main intrigue was resolved the emcee reminded that filmmakers from all the five continents came to compete for the prizes of the XII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival.

For handing the main prize Alexander Proshkin the chairman of the jury, director, screenwriter and National Artist of Russia was invited to the stage. He expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the festival, to the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Government of Tatarstan.

Especially Alexander Proshkin noted the festival audience: «At the shows there were no empty seats, even on the stairs! I have never seen this in my life. I thank my team, the members of the jury, who, being great artists, judged fairly and very heartly. We watchwed the films together with the audience in order to feel the breathe of the audience and realise to what extent we meld in our feelings with it. I would like to thank Sergey Lavrentyev for an excellent film selection. As the result of this was a powerful program, which, in my opinion, many festivals might envy.

The difficult task was to identify the most main film, it was supposed to be an absolute masterpiece. And we found this masterpiece. »

In the nomination “The best full-length feature film” the victory was awarded to the film “Immortal” (Iran, the director Hadi Mohaghekh).

At the end of the ceremony, Alexander Proshkin also congratulated the Muslims with the upcoming holiday. The festival was officially closed until next year when Kazan will once again become the center of attraction for filmmakers from the different countries of the world.