Lyudmila Khityaeva: «We are the great multinational empire, spiritually strong»

This year, the Kazan Kremlin has become one of the sites of the International Muslim Film Festival. Every day, there are demonstrations from out of competition programs and meet-the-artist events. The first guest was the People’s Artist of the RSFSR Lyudmila Khityaeva.

The conversation of the legendary actress with the audience has opened up with the shots from the film «Ekaterina Voronina,» where the main role was her debut. Director of the museum-preserve «Kazan Kremlin» Zilya Valeeva in her welcoming speech addressed to the guest as «to the most beautiful actress in the Soviet cinema.» And Lyudmila Ivanovna immediately took confidential tone of conversation, admitting that old injury made her nervous at the opening ceremony: a big distance from the wings to the microphone scared her. But it was enough to step into the light, when the pain was forgotten: «I am like a deer ran up to the microphone — and really, the stage healed» — shared the guest. And she had been talking sincerely and emotionally about her acting fate almost for about two hours. And the audience, long-time admirers of her talent and experts of her artistic biography were waiting for work details over of the roles, which became «the golden fund» of Soviet cinematography.

Lyudmila Khityaeva told how, when preparing for the role of Evdokia ( «Evdokia», 1961), together with the director Tatyana Lioznova she went in foster families, and only when she deeply understood the essence of their lives, she took up this job. No wonder that the boy, who played the youngest foundling in the film, was so attached to the actress that she nearly became a second mother for him.

Guests of the meeting came to know that the legendary Khityaeva`s Darya from» The quiet Don» might not exist: when all the actors have already left for the Don, she was playing performances in the theatre and by the time of departure was so tired that she wanted to give up. However, the first secretary of the regional party committee reprimanded, her friends persuaded, and she finally agreed. And there she immediately had to fight with herself: the first day of shooting the scene Darya could not play the sorrow over her dead husband properly. Then one Cossack woman took her to the village where grandfather died. On hearing wailing women, Lyudmila joined this chorus, and the next day she easily played the scene.

Then the actress recalled the experience of meet-the-artist event with the audience in Murmansk, when in the thirty-degrees` frost and strong storm she and her partner, actor Yevgeny Matveyev expected to come ten people, and they were amazed to see a full house and people standing in the passages. «Yevgeny had said:» What a great nation! How it is inspired after spirituality! «And I’m assured of this over and over again. Your Muslim film festival — one more proof of this. We are the great multinational power, and we are always eager to learn more about each of the nations, to understanding deeply its soul «, — said Lyudmila Khityaeva. At the end of this meet-the-artist event she read her poems about the acting profession, which she dedicated all her life.