Today guests of the Festival will visit Kazan version of Mecca.

On September 10, honorable guests of the 8th Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema went to visit ancient city Bulgar to walk around historical places and to know about this sightseeing of Tatarstan as more as possible. Despite the rain and cold, this trip was called by the guests as “long-awaited event”. 60 people went to Kazan version Mecca including Alexander Orlov and Alla Budnitskaya who arrived in Kazan the day before. Bulgar is one of the capitals of Volga-Kama Bulgaria, later one of the biggest cities of the Gold Horde. The city was founded by Volga region bulgars in the 10th century. In 922, for the first time in the territory of Russia, in Bulgar Islam was adopted voluntarily as an established religion. It happened some decades before Kiev Russia Christianization. In 1431 after the city’s destruction,  the ​​residents abandoned it. And the city was no longer restored. More

“Oscar-winning” filmmaker Daniel Lindsay came to Kazan

From September 10, for 3 days, the American documentaries will be shown at the “Mir” cinema house. This show has the label “Show us” and will be the part of the 8th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival. “Oscar-winning” documentary “Undefeated” will start the show. The special guest of the festival and the co-director of the film Daniel Lindsay will present the film. The honourable guest arrived in Kazan today in the morning and right then the journalists started asking questions. Being a specialist in documentary film making he told about the hardships that documentaries face to get to cinema halls’ screenings in the USA. More

Lilian Navrozashvili will devote two days to visit native places

Lilian Navrozashvili came to the 8th KIFMC to watch films, to communicate with colleagues and have a walk along the native streets. «We came yesterday night and immediately came out on the street. I visit Kazan every year, it’s my hometown, I grew up here, and graduated from the Kazan School of the Theatre. I love Kazan, and I am glad to see that the Art develops here. Also I am very proud that the festival of Mislim films takes place here. I am very happy that young people have an opportunity to see movies of the directors from the whole world”, – actress said on press-conference. More

People suggested to get self-knowledge at the festival

One day at the festival, people were suggested to have cinema therapy, due to it, people can start their way to wisdom and spirituality, right during watching the film. “Cinema therapy is one of the ways to see self-inner limits and start to analyze the attitude to the things happening on the screen”, Victor Odintsov says. “It has three moments: 1 – looking at the screen and ask what helps or bothers people to get wiser, 2 – observing “their own” cinema, their own interpretation of the film, 3 – reading images right from the start of the film”. More

Anjelo Chianchy: “I like talking about serious things with a smile”

The most interesting press conference was held on September 9 as a part of VIII Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema.  French scriptwriter and director Angelo Chianchi  came to  meet with reporters. The guest and the participant was joking and smiling, trying to record everything around on his camera. He is planning to come back to our festival and show this film next year.