Burning Birds: why a festival film may be placed out of the competition programme?

Burning Birds is one of the films selected for Kazan Muslim Film Festival 2017 press screenings. The film by Sanjeewe Pushpakumara (Shri Lanka, France, the Netherlands and Qatar co-production) has not entered the competition programme of the festival and will participate in its Hindustan Across the Cultures parallel programme due to the violence scenes and sensitive content of the film. The press screening of the film has finished with the discussions of principles and concept of selection of films for the main competition programme of the Kazan Muslim Film Festival. More

2017 Kazan Muslim Film Festival Special Prizes

The 13th edition of the Kazan Muslim Film Festival introduces ‘Russia – Islamic World’ parallel screenings programme presenting the films of 20 members countries of Russia – Islamic World Strategic Group, which has established a separate prise for the festival worth of 200 000 roubles.