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 Kazan International festival of Muslim Cinema

Please fill in this form. Send your film – preferably on DVD but VHS is also still accepted. Your film must have clear image and high quality. Films, sent to screening committee, are not given back.

Movies received for participation can be shown in Kazan and Tatarstan cinemas by festival administration order to promote the ideas of the festival and during the advertising campaign :

— on TV commercials and plots (fragments from the film and POS- materials)

— in the framework of  «Echo of  Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema»

— at press events and private shows,

— in special programs of other international film festivals.

Filing an application for participation in the festival , providing copies of the film to festival administrationconstitutes acceptance of the person signing the application with all the terms of this Regulation and the application for participation in the festival.

Address for film send:

Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema, Russia, 420061 Kazan city, Petr Alekseev Street , House № 3
Ph/fax: +7 (843) 273 03 43, ,  E-mail:

Please send ENTRY FORM to the Organizing committee of Festival BEFORE June 1, 2017

  1. Film type

  2. Video media for selection committee

  3. Copy for festival showing

  4. Colour
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