Information (2005)

The 1st Kazan International Muslim Film Festival “Golden Minbar” 

The 1st Kazan International Muslim Film Festival “Golden Minbar” was held in Kazan from the 5th to 11th September, 2005 and was dedicated to 1000th anniversary ofKazan city.

Filmmakers from more than 20 countries such asEgypt,Malaysia,Turkey,Iran, theUSA,Great Britain,Syria,Saudi Arabia,Poland, former Soviet Union countries and regions ofRussiatook part in the festival.

29 motion pictures were selected for the competition.

The best motion picture prize was awarded to the director of the “Sorcerer” film Mir-Kasim Oktai (Azerbaijan), the best documentary was “Adam’s children” directed by Mohammed Reza Fathi Nazhafi (Iran), the best short feature film was “At night you can” directed by Aisuak Jumangulov (Bashkortostan), the best cameraman was Rasul Ahadi for the film “Explosions of the peacetime” (Iran).  The special prize of the President of theRepublicofTatarstan“For the humanism in the cinematography” was awarded to the directors of the feature film “Rogue” Gulandom Muhabbatova and Daler Rahmatov (Tajikistan).

Festival’s venue was cultural and entertainment centre “Rodina”, the opening and closing ceremonies were traditionally held in the cultural and entertainment complex “Pyramid”. Festival screenings were also in “Korston”, “Kinomechta”, “Mir” and “Organic” cinema houses.