Information (2008)

The 4th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival “Golden Minbar” 

The 4th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival “Golden Minbar” was held in Kazan from the 16th to 22nd Oktober, 2008 under the motto “To the dialogue of cultures through the culture of dialogue”. The president of the festival is the chairman of the Muftis Council of Russia Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin.

Along with the constant participants of the festival cinematographers from Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Great Britain, Canada, the USA, France, India, the Netherland, Russia, former Soviet Union countries, the cinematographers from Switzerland, Australia, New Zealandpresented their films on the festival for the first time. More than 200 films from 37 countries were sent for the 4th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival “Golden Minbar”. The selection committee selected 35 films for the competition, among them 10 full length feature films, 12 short length films, 13 documentaries, and 21 films for non competition program. The reduction of the competitive program in comparison with the previous year led to more intense competition and selection of more significant films according to specific features of the festival. The finding of the festival was Australian made documentary “Forbidden Lie” directed by Anna Broinowski, and the films “Mi” for Mom” (director Rasul Mollagolipur, Iran) and “Jodhaa Akbar” (director Ashutosh Govariher, India), which became the winners of the festival. Special prize of the president of the Republic of Tatarstan “For the humanism in the cinematography” was awarded to the director Alex Gibni from the USA for his film “Taxi to the dark side”, which was awarded Oscar in 2008 for the best documentary. Special prize of the joint administration of Turkic arts and culture TURKSOY “For contribution to the development of Turkic world cinematography” was awarded to the Chech director Petr Lom for the film “On a tightrope” (Canada-Norway), that tells about the oppression of the Muslim-Uigurs  in the Chinese province Ksinyan.

The fact that 186 journalists from 94 world media outlets covered the festival tells about the increasing prestige of the festival. These journalists prepared 638 reports, among them 350 publications in the Internet media outlet, 176 reports in the printed media, 60 radio reports and 52 TV reports. For the first time in the history of the festival “Golden Minbar” TV channels “Russia Today” and State channels of Saudi Arabia, news agencies “Islamonline” and international video agency of the journalists “” conducted daily live coverage of the festival for the audiences of the West and Middle East. News and analytical programs about the main events of the festival also were conducted by the journalists of the channel “Euronews”, State Television of Egypt, inter-Arabic newspaper “Asharq Alawsat”, “Al-Musawar” journal, “Al-Arabia” newspaper, news agencies ofItaly,New Zealand,India,Australia, theUSAandGreat Britain.

Well-known cinematographers like People’s Artist of Russia Alla Ilinichna Surikova, Merited master of Arts of Russia Alexander Naumovich Mitta, member of Russian Academy of cinematography “Nika”, member of European Academy of cinematography, member of the festival jury Marina Razbezhkina, Russia actor Igor Petrenko and Hollywood actor Mark Dacascos held seminars, lectures, workshops for the students of the city art schools, and members of the cinematographers’ union.

Peculiar feature of the 4th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival “Golden Minbar” apart from previous festival and many other international film forums became the realization of the international scientific conference “Role of cinematography in the dialogue of culture and confession”. Many teacher and students from Kazan and members of countries-participants of the festival took part in the conference.