Infromation (2009)

The 5th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival “Golden Minbar” 

The 5th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival “Golden Minbar” was held in Kazan from the 30th September to 4th Oktober, 2009.

400 films were sent to the 5th festival, among them 168 full length feature films, 138 documentaries and 94 short length films from 67 countries. Along with the constant participants of the festival cinematographers from Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Great Britain, Canada, the USA, France, India, the Netherland, Russia, former Soviet Union countries, the cinematographers from Poland, Czech Republic, Chile, Congo, Sudan presented their films on the festival for the first time.Russia,Egypt andIran became leaders on the quantity of sent films. As for films fromRussia most of the films were sent fromSt Petersburg.

36 films were selected for the competition, among them 13 full length feature films, 14 documentaries, and 9 short length films. 26 films were selected for non competition program, among them 8 full length feature films, 17 documentaries, and 1 short length film.

During the festival there was a round table discussion with the participation of the Chairman of the cinematographers’ union, theatre and cinema actor, producer, film director Nikita Mikhalkov under the title of “Cinematography of Russia in the unity and diversity of national cultures”, also there were Days of Turkish cinematography, Days of the cinema of all Russia State Institute of Cinematography, and festival of amateur cinema “Nachalo (Beginning)”. Gala show of the international fashion designers’ competition “Islamic clothes”, commemoration meeting dedicated to Leo N.Gumilev, workshops, artistic meetings with the festival participants, press conferences.

Such stars like Nikita Mikhalkov, Armand Assante, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Boris Grachevski, Nina Ruslanova, Vitalij Bezrukov, Valeri Nikolayev, Tatyana Dogileva, Emmanuil Vitorgan, Lev Durov, Valentin Gaft, Alla Surikova, Andrey Noskov and many others.

187 journalists from 99 media outlets took part in the coverage of the festival, among them 114 journalists from 52 republican media outlets, 54 from 33 federal media, 13 from 12 foreign media outlets, 6 from 2 international media.

Festival’s venue was cultural and entertainment centre “Rodina”, the opening and closing ceremonies were traditionally held in the cultural and entertainment complex “Pyramid”. Festival screenings were also in “Korston”, “Kinomechta”, “Mir” and “Organic” cinema houses.