Jury (2007)

Safia Al-Amri (Egypt)

— Egyptian actress.

Starred in films like «The agony over with joy», «At the door of the Minister», «Night and traitors», «Volcano», «Mr Porter», as well as in television series such as: «Days» (1980), «If time has returned» (1986), «Night of Al-Hilmiya» (1987), «Lady «Garden City» (1988).

In 1997, Safiya al-Amri was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN. 

Vasily Ivanovich Antipov

—         head of program “Muslims” in TV channel “Russia”.

Vasily Antipov is a winner of national award in the sphere of documentary films and TV “Laurel” (2004). He was awarded the prize ofRussia’s journalists’ union (1994). As an author, director, creative producer made more than 40 documentaries.

Sherip Inal (Belgium)

— Director, scrptwriter, producer general of the European Association of Films and Television (Belgium).

He is the director of the films: «Shadows»  — 1994, «My city» — 1997, «Moscow,Chechnya, bubble-gum» — 1999, «King Lear in San-Diego » — 2001, «Black Rodeo» — 2002, «Flag» — 2002-2003.

He wrote scripts for: «Shadows» — 1994, «My city» — 1997, «Moscow,Chechnya, bubble-gum» — 2000, «King Lear» — 2001, «Happy new year» — 2001, «Apocalypse» — 2002, «Black Rodeo» -2002.

He took part in such film festivals as: «Double Take International film festival» in North Carolina, «Thunderbird International film festival» in Utah, «Angel City International film festival» in Chicago, «San Diego International film festival» in San Diego and many others.

Arvo Iho (Estonia)

—         director, cameraman, photographer, artist, film editor, producer.

Arvo Iho is a professor of international university Concordia-Audentes. He created and now runs the department of cinema and video atTallinn’sUniversityofEducation, and also Estonian Centre of Audio and Visual Culture.

He was a cameraman in 10 full length feature films, a director of 8 documentaries and 4 full length feature films, a co-author of the scripts for many feature films.

He is well known for such films as “Games for school children” (1985), “For crazy only” (1991), “Observer” (1998), “Bear’s heart” (2001) and others. His last film “Gooseberry” made in 2006 (with Dmitry Pevtsov starring) was presented at the 15th festival “Window toEurope”.

Radoslav Spassov (Bulgaria)

—         director, cameraman, scriptwriter.

Radoslav Spassov is a member ofBulgariadirectors’ association andBulgariacinematographers’ association.

He is one of the most outstanding Bulgarian cameramen, winner of several awards of international film festivals. He made a debut as a director by the film “Forgiveness Day” in 1993 and he made more than 20 films. 

Odel’sha Agishev

He is one of the best playwrights of Uzbek and Soviet cinematography, winner of USSR State Prize (1984 for the script of the “Youth of Genius”), Uzbekistan State Prize (1971 for the script of the “Extraordinary Commissar”), winner of the best script prize at the all-Russia film festival in 1976, at the professional competition of the Script Guild in 1982, at the all-Russia competition in 1980. Merited master of the Arts of Russia (2001). Odel’sha Agishev was a chairman of Moscow Script Guild from 1980 to 1990, secretary of cinematographers’ union ofUSSRandRussiafrom 1986 to 1994, currently he is a head of script studio at the all Russia State Institute of Cinematography and professor.