Jury (2010)

Mentay Utepbergenov (Kazakhstan)

Cinema actor and Merited master of Arts of Kazakhstan. He was born in August, 7th1946 inSemipalatinsk region. He graduated from theSemipalatinsk mechanization school,Moscow circus school, acting department of all Russia State Institute of Cinematography (studio of Boris Babochkin) in 1974. He acted in 60 films made at 13 film studios ofUSSR. He acted the representatives of the 17 nations, records sounds for the animated films. He is a member of the cinema philatelist club inErlangen city (Germany).

Mauro Martino (Italy)

He was born in March, 29th1953 inItaly. Well known novelist, author of the novels and scripts for the films. Besides, he taught English and Literature when he received University degrees in Arts and Education. He works on Television and cinema, travels a lot and participates in the film festivals of various countries also as a member of the jury. He works as a coordinator of the international cinema projects, and also consults in all the spheres of film making.

Anna Broinowski (Australia)

The director of Australian cinema Institute shoots films since 1995. Before that she was a playwright and actress. Her documentaries won many awards in Australiaand abroad, including film festival in Romein 2007, “Golden Award” of the international festival of documentaries “Al-Jazeera”, award in the film festival “Golden Gate” in San Francisco, three awards from Australian cinema Institute, and two awards from Australian society of film critics. Anna Broinowski is the winner of the Literary Award of New South WalesPrime Minister in 2008 and “The best female film director” (France). In 2008 the film “Forbidden Lie” directed by Broinowski received an award in the “The best documentary” nomination, and “special prize of the Russian film critics Guild” in the 4th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival “Golden Minbar”.

Assaad Taha (United Arab Emirates)

He was born inAlexandria(Egypt). He graduated from theInstituteofArchitectureinAlexandria. He is the general manager of the “Hot Spot” company, established inDubaiin 1999. The company is named after successful program “Noqta Sakhena” (“Hot Spot”), which was broadcasted in “Al-Jazeera” in 1997. Assaad Taha has a long term experience as a journalist, war correspondent and documentary film maker. His works are constantly published in international Arabic press as “Al-Hayat Al-Mazhdalla” and “Asharq Alawsat”; he worked as a correspondent of “Al-Jazeera” and “Worldwide News Corporation” TV channels.

Gul Kirat Panag (India)

She was born in1977 inChandigarh(India) in the family of a military man. She received education in many parts ofIndiaand abroad. She graduated fromPunjabiUniversityinPatialaand received a Master’s Degree in mathematics and political science. In 1999 Gul Kirat Panag won the title of “MissIndia”, participated in the “Miss Universe” competition. Her cinematography career started in 2003. She gained popularity with Nagesh Kukunoor film “Dor” (2006), where she played the part of Zeenat Fatima. Filmography: «Dhoop» (2003), «Jurm» (2005), «Dor» (2006), «Manorama Six Feet Under» (2007), «Summer 2007» (2008), «Hello!» (2008), «Straight» (2009), «Rann» (2010), «Hello Darling» (2010), «Fatso» (2010), «Alibaug» (2010).

Ivan Leonidovich Maximov (Russia)

He was born in 1958 inMoscow. He graduated from Moscowphysical and technical institute (1982), department of animated film making of  the Highest Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors (studio of A.Yu.Hrzhanovskiy and V.M.Ugarov, 1988). Ivan Maximov worked as a satirical draughtsman in the “Moscow News Time”, “News Time” newspapers, was a teacher of animated film making in video centre of Riga, was an artist in TV project “Restaurant ratings” (1996-1998, “TV-6 Moscow” channel). He also was a director and production designer of “Cinema line” TV program (1999, ORT (1st channel), computer game “Full Pipe” (2004, “PIPE studio”, commissioned by “1C”). He is a creator of screen savers for MTV (2004, based on the “Full Pipe” game), some commercials and music clips, logos and brand characters (author of the film critics’ guild logo and the prize of “White Elephant”).

In 1995 he created computer graphics and animation home studio “Virtual studio Ivan Maximov Production”. Since 2002 he gives lectures on animated film making at all Russia State Institute of Cinematography, since 2004 at a “Shar” (Ball) studio. He is a member of the animated film festivals’ jury, a member ofRussianAcademyof cinematography “Nika”. Filmography: “From left to right” (Слева направо) (1989), “5/4” (1990), “Provincial school” (Провинциальная школа) (1992), “Bolero. Film of high spirituality” (Bolero. Фильм повышенной духовности) (1992), “N+2”(H+2) (1993), “Benjamin’s libido” (Либидо Бенджамина) (1994), “Threads” (Нити) (1996), “Two trams” (Два трамвая) (1998), “Backdoors of Vyborg” (Задние проходы города Выборга) (2000), “Little thing will secure both” (Эта мелочь защитит обоих) (2000), “Lyuba” (2001), “Slow Bistro” (Медленное бистро) (2002), “Wind along the shore” (Ветер вдоль берега) (2003), “Flood” (Потоп) (2004), “Tunnelling” (Туннелирование) (2005), “Rain from the top-down” (Дождь сверху вниз) (2007), “The additional capabilities of the snout” (Дополнительные возможности Пятачка) (2008).

Ivan Maximov won such awards as “Nika”, “Golden Bear” (for the film “Bolero”), “Golden Aries” (Золотой овен) (for the film “Wind along the shore”).

Mikhail Mikhailovich Mikhailov (Russia, Tatarstan)

He was born in1945 inKazan. He graduated fromKazanStateUniversity(1969). Since 1971 he works atKazannewsreel studio, since 1997 he is a managing director of this institution (in 2006Kazannewsreel studio was reorganized into Open Joint Stock Company “Kazanfilm studio”). He is a producer of such films as “Kuktau” (Heaven mountain), “Inzeen-malina” (Raspberry), “Orly” (The Eagles), “Kamyr Batyr” (Bread dough hero) and many others.

Mikhail Mikhailovich Mikhailov is an Honoured Worker of Culture of theRepublicofTatarstan,  Honourable filmmaker ofRussia, an Honour of theUSSRcinematography.

Shahriar Bahrani (Iran)

He was born inTehranin1951. In1981 he graduated from Croydon College of Arts inLondon. The professional career has started with the animated projects of Iranian Television. He is the author of many scripts for the films that he directed himself. Filmography: “Тhe Standard Bearer” (1985), “The Passage” (1987), “Fright” (1988), “Don’t Muddle The Water” (1990), “Attack on H3” (1995), “Upside Down World” (1998).

Shahriar Bahrani’s film “The blessed Saint Mary” which tells about the life of a Blessed Virgin Mary was awarded for “The best film script” and “The best actress in the leading part” in the 1st Kazan International Muslim Film Festival “Golden Minbar”.

Yuksel Aksu (Turkey)

He was born in Mugla city in 1966. He graduated from the department of cinema and Television of the “Dokuz Eylul” University and received Master’s degree. He is teaching in the department of communications in IstanbulUniversity. His film “Ice cream, I scream?!” has won a special prize of the jury in the 25th Istanbul film festival, Audience Choice Award, Special Prize of the Jury, Award for “The best actor” at the 12th international film festival “Golden Cocoon” in Adana and many other awards in various international film festivals. Yuksel Aksu’s documentary “Undergraund Kadir ve Sine ma Citesi” has won awards in the 7th international film festival inAnkara and festival of documentaries inAdana.