Jury (2011)

The chairman of the jury was Russian film director, scriptwriter, professor of all Russia State Institute of Cinematography, Merited Master of Arts and People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Khotinenko. Master of Russian cinematography, the director of such films as “72 meters”, “Pop”, “1612”, “Dostoyevsky”, Vladimir Ivanovich Khotinenko is an artist according to his education, in 1976 he with straight A graduated from Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture and for some years worked as a production designer in Sverdlovsk film studio (where such films as “Gonka s presledovaniem” (Chasing), “Dym otechestva” (Fatherland’s smoke), “Kazachya zastava” (Cossack outpost), “Vot takaya muzyka” (Such a music). In 1981 Khotinenko graduated from the Highest Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors (Nikita Mikhalkov’s studio). He assisted his teacher in making such films as “Neskolko dnei iz zhizni I.I.Oblomova”, “Pyat vecherov”, “Rodnya”. Khominenko made a debut with a film “Odin I bez oruzhiya” which he made with the help of P.Farkhutdinov in 1984.

Member’s of the jury:

  • Nacer Khemir (novelist, artist, filmmaker, storyteller, scriptwriter,Tunisia)
  • Abbas Al-Arnaout (novelist, scriptwriter, filmmaker, Jordan)
  • Tahmina Rezai Milani (film director,Iran)
  • Hilmi Zubeyr Shashmaz (actor,Turkey)
  • Natalya Lukinukh (film critic, documentary film maker,Russia)
  • Farid Bikchantaev (actor and director, Merited Master of Arts of Russia and Tatarstan, winner of Tatarstan State Prize named after Gabdulla Tukay, chief director of Kamal Theatre, Chairman of theatre workers of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia)