Mikhail Voyloshnikov Dr. Sc. (Engineering)

Mikhail Voyloshnikov Dr. Sc.

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1. Naval Architecture and Ship Construction, 1985

2. Mathematician, 1993

3. Economics, business valuation, professional retraining, 2000


Membership in professional societies:

1. Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering

2. International Society of Appraisers, since 2002

3. Russian Society of Appraisers, since 1997

Official scientific degrees and titles (all life):

1. Candidate of sciences, Engineering, 1990

2. Associate professor, Ship theory and design, 1997


3. Doctor of sciences, Engineering, 2003

4. Professor, Ship theory and design, 2009


Status of professor awarded for teaching experience since 80-th, as well as for (1, 2, 3):

1. Development of professional books


In Canada, is developed the book
Evaluation of commercial vessels, marine companys assets and ocean resources : textbook

ISBN 9785930270020 (english, russian). Book is available online


The International Society of Appraisers awarded the Lamp of Knowledge for the book in 2011

The same book published in Russian available in the on-line catalog Library of US Congress


2. Publishing of big number of scientific articles


3. Successful training of doctorate students


The optimization of the fishinf-vessel characteristics


The approaches of the commercial vessel characteristics optimization


For demand of ship construction in Canada and for holistic training of Naval Architecture

and Marine Engineering in accordance with the Bologna Convention principles of the two levels of graduation, keeping the training integrity and content of the programs, the training curriculum of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering is developed in 2011

Training curriculum was improved in 2012, the list of references of the textbooks available in North America can be seen in the window if omit the slider online


Detailed CV Contact email: michael.vladlen@gmail.com